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Music Together® (0-4)

Music Together is the gold standard for early childhood music programs. Music Together is a mixed-age, early childhood music and movement program for children (0-4) with a parent or caregiver. The curriculum has nine song collections each featuring familiar songs, new songs, rhythm chants and songs from around the world. You and your child will shake egg shakers, play rhythm sticks, jam on the gathering drums, dance with scarves, swirl, twirl and sing together as you develop a musical bond together. Each semester features a songbook, two CDs and access to the NEW online Family Music Zone! With the Hello Everybody APP, you can get songs downloaded to your mobile device!

Rhythm Kids Level 1

Rhythm Kids Level 1™ is geared for preschoolers (ages 4–5) who are ready to take their next musical step. Each week, we drum, sing, dance, play rhythm instruments, and begin to play music-based games. Rhythm Kids 4-5 guides children toward developmentally appropriate music and movement activities, where they can begin to take charge, lead others, and be musically creative, as they make up their own drumming patterns, invent new ways to play rhythm instruments, create movement ideas for songs and even take a drum solo! Tuition includes a songbook, 2 CDs and access to the online Family Music Zone with interactive drumming videos. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to attend class with child. Children are encouraged to bring a drum to class!

Rhythm Kids Level 2

Rhythm Kids Level 2™ is an exciting music, movement, and drumming class for children in Kindergarten through second grade (ages 5–8). Children integrate and assimilate rhythm into their lives as they learn multicultural drumming patterns, develop advanced repertoire on various percussion instruments, explore movement and dance while singing songs and play fun games based on music and drumming. Tuition includes a songbook, 2 CDs and access to online materials, tutorials and video play-alongs. Students should have their own hand drum for use at home (and for use in class whenever needed or desired). parents/caregivers are welcome to stay and play or drop-off.